The iPhone XS Max vs. The Samsung S9 Plus Review by Nicholas Y

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iPhone XS Max vs. The Samsung S9 Plus

It is almost second nature for any iPhone user and Apple-lover to upgrade to the latest model. It is too easy to become brand loyal without really taking a look at the specification or the options from other brands. For example, many consumers will automatically express interest in the recent iPhone XS Max because of the size and promises about the camera and processors. However, there is another option out there that promises some pretty similar things. So, which is the best option here? The iPhone XS Max or the Samsung S9 Plus?

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Who wins the battle of the screens?

This is an important place to start because the screen size is, arguably, the USP here. This is meant to the iPhone that you can turn to when you want a bigger, sharper screen for gaming and other media. This model has a 6.5 inch screen and a full-face OLED display. It is brilliant for watching videos and enjoying crisp graphics. Yet, the Samsung S9 Plus isn’t that far behind. The Super AMOLED display is smaller, but just barely at 6.2 inches. Another feature in favour of the iPhone is the split screen view.  The winner: Apple – but just barely. 

What about the competition between the two cameras?

The on-board camera is another important detail to these top iPhones. Users now have pretty high expectations over the quality of the image and the ease of use. That is why there are so many aspects to the technology in this iPhone XS Max. This is a dual lens camera with Smart HDR tech. Users can also play around with filters, stickers and Animojis. Still, whatever Apple can do with cameras, Samsung can do better. They too offer a dual lens, smart technology and plenty of filters and emojis. However, the Galaxy S9 Plus has the added benefits of the slow-mo video capture and Bixby Vision for interactive experiences. 

The winner: Samsung. 

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So what about the general performance and capabilities of the two smartphones? 

There is no denying that both of these devices are fast, sharp and responsive thanks to their processors, chips and the attention to detail in the user experience. Apple uses an A12 Bionic Chip while Samsung uses an Octa-core Exynos 9810. One area where both companies have stepped up their game is with security. The iPhone has 3D facial recognition while the Galaxy has an Intelligent Scan with iris scans and fingerprint analysis.  The winner: A draw.

iPhone XS Max vs. The Samsung S9 Plus

Final verdict. 

At the moment, it is pretty much a dead heat in this battle. The iPhone XS Max has the better screen and size, with some great electronics. But, the Galaxy S9 Plus is just as smart and has a more interesting camera. The final choice may end up coming down to some of the smaller details and personal preferences. The Samsung is notably lighter despite being thicker. There are more storage capacity options on the iPhone. You are either stuck with, or can rely upon iOS – depending on your viewpoint. In fact, the final choice and winner in this battle may come down to brand loyalty after all.

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