Congratulations to Kt M from Weatherly, PA for Winning the Thanksgiving $50 Gift Card Giveaway

We have another lucky winner. They have been contacted to select either a eBay or Amazon $50 Gift Card.

Gift Card Giveaway Winner

Make sure to enter your biggest giveaway yet, $100 gift card for Christmas. Click on the picture below to enter that free giveaway or you can enter directly under the picture.

No purchase required nor does it increase your chances of winning the gift card. All tasks to enter the giveaway are 100% free.

A few more sponsors that keep these monthly giveaways going and keeping them 100% free. If you have a moment, checkout some URLS below and comment under if you have any questions.

Christmas $100 Amazon or eBay Gift Card Giveaway – Ends DEC 31 2019
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