Best Money Giving Apps

These days the options to get a few dollars back are in abundance. If you haven’t seen Extreme Couponing and started printing and clipping coupons, then you’re missing out. If you are not a couponer, there is still hope for you to get some gift cards and cash. Below are some of the best money giving apps that you should download and use daily. While you won’t make a living from these apps, they are still worth downloading.

Best Money Giving Apps

Fetch Rewards-The reason I love Fetch Rewards so much is because you can scan any grocery receipt, Home Depot and gas station. You get 25 points for every receipt you scan and can get 2,000 points or more (worth two dollars) for every referral. Use the code QF7GX and get two dollars when you scan your first receipt. You can then cash out your points for various gift cards that you can use right away. From Amazon to Sephora to Express and Home Goods. The options are endless.

Receipt Hog-Another money-giving app that I love is Receipt Hog. With this app you can scan any and all receipts so don’t throw away your McD’s, Burger King and Wendy’s receipts. Yes, Taco Bell and KFC receipts work too as well as any other grocery receipt. Once you reach 1,000 points (worth five dollars) you can cash out for an Amazon gift card, Visa or directly to your PayPal account. You also earn one Sweepstake entry every time you scan your receipt.

Ibotta-By now you probably keep hearing about Ibotta and it really is one of the best money giving apps. You can scan your grocery receipts and get anywhere from ten cents to a couple of dollars, depending on the offer. You can also get money from referrals and from completing different monthly features. Another great thing about Ibotta is that you can get a percentage back when you open different shopping apps through them. You can earn from 2-5% or more from sites you frequently shop from such as Amazon and Express. With Ibotta you need to earn $20 before you can cash out. You can choose to transfer the money to your PayPal account or use your Ibotta cash at your favorite stores. Use the referral code DXUGTYE to earn five dollars when you redeem your first offer.

Download These Apps

These are just a few of the many different money giving apps that can help you get some cash back by scanning your receipts.  If you love to be rewards for your spending, try these money giving apps

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